How to know when survey response was completed?


Is there any variable that captures roughly when someone filled out the ACS survey? I’m hoping to get information related to WORKEDYR that would tell me what exactly the reference period is. My understanding is that the WORKEDYR variable tells us whether someone worked in the preceding 12 months of when they filled out the survey, but that for a given year (say the 2013 ACS), that person could have filled out the survey anywhere between January of 2013 and February of 2014, so the reference period for that question could vary widely. Is there any way of knowing the timing of when a person filled out the survey?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Unfortunately there is no publicly available information on date of survey beyond the sample year. Depending on how important this is to you, you may want to inquire at a Federal Statistical Research Data Center on whether this data is available for use by authorized researchers.

Got it, that’s good to know. Thank you so much for your response!