How to format COUNTYFIP

Hello, I am trying to get data for San Bernadino County in California using the SDA feature and am confused by the definitions of the code. I understand that COUNTYFIP requires STATEFIP in order to procure accurate numbers, but I don’t understand how to format it.

If i am using San Bernardino County as a control variable would I format including state and county variables separately:
“pwstate2(06), countyfip(071)”

or do I put the state variable into the county code?


Which would get me data for San Bernadino County, CA?

Thank you so much for any support!

You need to specify both variables separately, as in your first example: pwstate2(06), countyfip(071)

However, this should be specified in the “selection filter” field instead of the “control” field. You cannot specify combinations of two variables in the control field, which you can do in the filter field.

I will also note that PWSTATE2 should be used with PWCOUNTY if you are interested in place of work.

Thank you so much for your help. When I run it with pwcounty(071) and pwstate2(06) as selection filters I am getting the message, “Cannot find variable “pwcounty” (used as a filter).”

Sorry for the delayed response on this. You’re right that PWCOUNTY is not available in the online analysis system. If you want to know the county of work, you will need to make a microdata extract at IPUMS USA. Choose “Get Data” from the main page. If this is your first time using the IPUMS extract system, I recommend watching our short video tutorials.