How to download codebooks in readable format?

I do not manage to download the codebooks in a “readable” format (pdf or word), only in xml format, which I am not able to read or print in an easy way. How can I solve this? Thank you.

One method, using the Google Chrome browser, would be to “print” the XML page as a PDF. This will save a PDF version of the webpage, maintaining the formatting of the XML page. Another method, using the Firefox browser, is to save the complete page (with images) as an HTML file. There are likely other methods, depending on your browser and whether you are using a PC or Mac.

As an alternative, you can also right-click the Basic codebook link and save it as a plain-text file, which can then be read into any plain-text editor (e.g. TextPad, TextEdit, Notepad, etc.).

Hope this helps.

Thank you for your answer Tim. I had done the first option you suggested and it works ok, although it results in a quite big document. If I may give a suggestion, it would be nice if somehow, in the future, you could make the codebooks in a more "friendly"format, as it is a crucial thing to have when using the data. Also, I noticed that the texts about each variable in the codebook are not the same as the ones we get when clicking on the variables in the “select data” tool. It is a shame because those texts are very useful. Thank you again.