Hi! I need guidance on how to find real weekly earnings restricted to age and usual hours. Thank you

I have been trying to find the datas as mentioned above and I kep getting error messages.

It sounds like you might be using the Online Analysis Tool (SDA). Unfortunately, it does not look like EARNWEEK (weekly earnings) is available in the online tool, which may be why you are getting an error. Would you mind sharing which variables you are attempting to use and any filters you may be applying, and/or the error message you are receiving?

You could look into using INCTOT (total personal income in the previous calendar year) and URSWORKLY (number of hours per week that respondents usually worked if they worked during the previous calendar year). Given the range of these variables, if you want to see them in rows or columns (as opposed to using them as a filter), you will want to recode them as to not get an error indicating you have exceed the maximum cell limit.

If you have access to a statistical package (Stata, SAS, SPSS) I would recommend that you create a data extract including the income and work variables of interest to you, as well as any demographic variables, such as age, that you are interested in. We have some online video tutorials to help you get started with creating and opening extracts.