GISJOIN field in GIS boundary file

Newbie here. Where is the GISJOIN field for geo2_p1990_2010? I would like to join it with PH2010tabAAF_gb.csv, which has a GISJOIN field.

I believe your shapefile comes from IPUMS International since IPUMS IHGIS does not provide shapefiles for Philippine administrative boundaries. The shapefiles on IPUMS International do not provide a GISJOIN variable. However, the instructions in the IHGIS user guide explain how you can construct fields to join these geographies. IHGIS data files with “g1” or “g2” in the file name correspond to IPUMS International year-specific boundaries. IHGIS data files with “ga” or “gb” in the file name correspond to IPUMS International harmonized boundaries. Depending on whether you’re using harmonized or year-specific boundaries, the method to join these will differ slightly. You can find more about spatial harmonization on the IPUMS International info page.

Thanks a lot, Ivan! The section “Joining microdata sample tabulations to IPUMS International shapefiles” in the IHGIS user guide provides clear instructions regarding my GISJOIN question. I will try the suggested method and then post an update in this user forum.

So I started learning how to use IPUMS data. in the IPUMS International boundary file, I added two text fields: GISJOIN and CountryName. To populate the GISJOIN field, in ArcGISPro, I concatenated the newly created CountryName (PH) with the existing geo2_ph1990_2010geolevel2.

Once joined, I mapped the population change of level 2 administrative units between 1990 and 2010. For symbolization with graduated colors, I normalized with 1990 data.


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