Getting data by income and metro area?

Hi! I’m having trouble figuring out how to write out the codes to get travel mode to work by time (departs time) and income for a given Metro area (I’m looking for the Boston census metro region.)

This is what I’ve input so far:

Row: tranwork
Column: ftotinc (r: 0-45000; 45001-85000; 85001-150000; 150001-*)
Control: departs
Selection Filter : met2013(Boston)

And the error message is: Syntax error in filter specification: “met2013(Boston)”.

Is my syntax incorrect or the whole set-up?


Try met2013(14460). Unfortunately the SDA system doesn’t display the codes for this variable, but you can find them in the IPUMS data extraction interface at this link.

I’d also suggest putting the income groups under “control” and departs under “column” for readability.

Thank you! this worked well.