Geographic crosswalk interpolation weight for adults 25 years and older

Hi! For the geographic crosswalks from block groups, are there any plans to create an interpolation weight for the adult population 25 years and older? (I’m interested in comparing educational attainment between 2015 and 2020 at the tract level using data from ACS B15003 tables. I am planning to use the 2020 block group to 2010 tract geographic crosswalk and then compare to 2011-2015 ACS 5-year estimates.) Thank you in advance for your time and help!

We don’t have plans to add a weight for adults 25 years and older. I agree that it’d be useful for exactly the setting that you’re interested in (educational attainment data), but it’s unclear how much value it would add over the existing weight for adults (18 years and older). I expect there’d be a few places, particularly around college campuses, where the weights could differ substantially, but I’d otherwise expect them to be quite similar. For now, I’d recommend using the adult weight.

Alternatively, you could use our block-level crosswalks to generate your own 25-and-over weighting following the guidance I provided in this post. (If you go that route, I’d be curious to hear if you found many large differences from the adult weights!)

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Thank you!