Gender of child in specific age range

I am trying to identify the gender of an own household child aged 15-17 using ATUS-X data. I cannot use the activity-level files and the variable SEXW in the “who” file as that would restrict my identification to only children present at activities.

Under the “Constructed Child” category, IPUMS provides age groupings based on the household roster (e.g., DTRUND18, SONUND18 …). However, the groupings are too large (13-17 years old). Is there any way to disaggregate these groupings? Or is there any way to access the Roster file through IPUMS, or would I have to merge it using the original BLS data?

Thank you!

Yes, you can access the roster through IPUMS ATUS. Include the variables AGE, SEX, and RELATE in your extract and select “Respondents and Household Members” as the sample members to include when defining your extract (you do this on the same page where you can add data quality flags or attach characteristics; see final line of extract definition image below). This will include a person record for other household members. You iterate through these records to identify the children who meet your selection criteria.

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Thank you so much for the solution, Kari!

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