Follow-up to question on topcode swap files


This is a follow-up to your response to my question here:

I did get in touch with the people at the Census Bureau and they said the problem might be with the IPUMS recode. Their swap files (found here: apparently do not provide a recode for wsal_val from the swapped values. I did check their files and this seems to be correct.

As my problem was with the way incwage/wsal_val was constructed in the IPUMS swap files, I was wondering if I could get access to the way in which IPUMS recoded the incwage_swap variable in the swap files.

If this isn’t the right place to ask this question, it would be great if you could point me to the correct person to contact about this.


The methodology used for creating the swap values, available via IPUMS CPS, follows that described by Larrimore et al. (2008). I hope this helps clarify this issue.