Follow-up question for "interpretation of the weighted average using WT06"


Hi Tim,

Thanks very much. But the average that I got appeared to be low to be realistic; the unit I believe is minute but not hours…Is it because the Time Use Variables that I created only documented the time use on the diary day, not the typical time spent on a given activities?

For example,

Time spent traveling (Everything in the “Travel” category (181101-189999)) was 71.6;

Time spent cooking (Food and Drink Preparation, Presentation, and Clean-up (0202xx)) was 35.00.

Both variables are created using “Create variable from scratch”; and below is the Stata code for setting up the complex survey:

svyset cluster [pweight=WT06], strata(strataATUS) singleunit(scaled).


TC (


Further clarification on the definition on WT06 (ATUS)

I was able to replicate your numbers. These weighted averages represent the average minutes spent in a day on the defined activity. As you suggested in your previous question, you will need to extrapolate this daily average to a quarterly figure by multiplying the weighted daily average for a quarter by the number of days in the respective quarter.

Hope this helps, and I apologize for misunderstanding your previous question.