Follow-up about subfamily question


Hi Joe,

Thanks for answering my question about subfamilly counts and household weights. However, I’m still confused as to whether or not I should use a household weight for each subfamily or if I should just use the household weight once per household regardless of the number of subfamilies that household contains. So for example, if there were three households each with an hhwt of 100, and each household had one subfamily, then the estimated number of subfamilies would be 300. However, if one of the households had a second subfamily present, would the subfamily estimate then be 400, or would it remain 300? Does this make sense?



If you are looking to generate estimates at the subfamily-level (line how many subfamilies are in a given state), you would want to apply the household weight to each subfamily in the household (the 400 scenario in your example above). If you are creating household-level estimates (like how many households have multiple subfamilies) you would just use the household weight once per household.

I hope this helps.



Yes that’s perfect, thank you!