Exclude the Observations that were allocated by the Census Bureau?

Hi. After I downloaded data from IPUMS-USA, 1980 sample, I need to exclude those respondents that were allocated by the Census Bureau. Can you tell me whether there is a variable that indicates certain entries in the data that are allocated by the Census Bureau, so I can use it as a indicator in STATA, to drop such observations. Thank you very much.

For many variables, there are data quality flags that indicate if a response has been allocated. You can identify whether a variable has a data quality flag in the “Flags” tab on the far right of the variable description page. For example, the flag for HISPANis QHISPAN.

You can either manually add these flags as you add variables to your cart, or on the Extract Request page there is an option to “Select data quality flags.” You will then be provided with a list of your requested variables that have corresponding flags.