Does NCHILD indicate the number of children for any given individual?

Hi! First time poster here.

I’m trying to tabulate the number of children that any given individual might have. I was originally using PUMS data, but the NOC variable is at the household level and so finding that out at the individual person level is something that has to be imputed.

Am I correct that NCHILD is linked to a given respondent and not tied to the head of household like the PUMS data is?

I’m using the 2018 ACS data by the way.

Yes, NCHILD is a person-level variable and will be different for each individual. Note that this variable is based on the IPUMS family interrelationship variables (in particular MOMLOC, POPLOC, MOMLOC2, POPLOC2), and also only counts children who reside in the same household as their parent.

Thank you so much!!! You’re the best! This is exactly what I wanted to hear :slight_smile: