Does MOOP include HIPVAL or are they additive to get total health spending?

Looking at health care costs and at first I thought MOOP (family spending on medical out of pocket expenses) would be separate from HIPVAL (family spending on health insurance premiums). Kind of like we spend $x on premiums and then another $y on other medical costs not covered by insurance sort of thing. But in looking at the data, MOOP is always eqaul to or greater than HIPVAL, which makes me think HIPVAL is a subset of MOOP. Anyone know the answer here? I can’t find documentation offhand… Thanks!

Based on the data provided to us by the Census, it appears that MOOP is the sum of three components, one of which is HIPVAL.

Using the variable names from the 2018 ASEC Codebook, the relationship is as follows for person-level totals: moop = phip_val + potc_val + pmed_val. Similarly, the relationship for family-level totals is fmoop = fhip_val + fotc_val + fmed_val.

At this time, IPUMS CPS only has the family-level totals of MOOP (fmoop) and HIPVAL (fhip_val) available. I’ve passed along your question to our IPUMS CPS Team and they are going to look into the possibility of making the full set of personal and family medical expenditure items available.

Thank you Michelle! I appreciate it. At this time I don’t need to have all of the variables and components. Not that we wouldn’t take more data :slight_smile: But I appreciate you confirming the relationships here!