Does FTOTINC (family income variable) include results for households with a single person for the IPUMS-ACS data?

I am trying to use ACS data to better define how income variables in a different dataset actually relate to poverty level. My question is whether or not the FTOTINC variable in the online IPUMS-USA (ACS data) analysis tool will include households (potentially defined also as families) comprised of a single individual. The general ACS definition of family appears to refer to at least two individuals who are related by birth, adoption or marriage, which would imply that standard ACS variables applying to family would exclude single individuals. However, looking through the definitions of variables related to the creation of the IPUMS-USA (ACS) FTOTINC variable, it seems like this variable may include single individuals. Can anyone clarify? Many thanks as I would like to do the analysis and present the data correctly!

Yes, households with a single person have a value of FTOTINC, which exactly matches the respondent’s total personal income (INCTOT). Households comprised of one single person can be identified using HHTYPE. If you wish to exclude single-person households, then you would filter out observations with HHTYPE=“4:Male householder, living alone” or “6:Female householder, living alone.” Equivalently, you could exclude observations with NUMPREC=1.

Hope this helps.