Difference between sex and spsex

Does the sex variable incorporate the ATUS participant only (minus spouse)? in other words, is there an overlap between sex and spsex?

Whether or not there is overlap depends on who you choose to include in your data extract. SPSEX is only available for ATUS respondents. However, SEX is available for both respondents and household members. If you include both respondents and household members in your data extract, coresident spouses of respondents will be included in the data file as well.

How can I only include ATUS respondent and thier spouses in the data extract?

To include ATUS respondents and their spouses in a data file, you will need to create a data extract that includes respondents and all household members and the RELATE variable. You can then use RELATE to remove observations that are not in your subpopulation of interest.