Detailed Household and Family Status In Household

I was wondering if the variable hhdfmx is available in IPUMS for 1979-2015? Or some unharmonized versions? I cannot find anything except RELATE. However, RELATE does not give me enough details.

HHDFMX is not available on IPUMS, but you should be able to get the same level of detail that you would get from HHDFMX using a combination of RELATE and family interrelationship variables available on this page. FTYPE will tell you if an individual belongs to the primary family, a related subfamily, an unrelated subfamily, is unrelated to any families residing at the address, or is living in an address with no families. FAMREL provides finer detail on families by distinguishing whether an individual is the reference person, their spouse, their child, another relative, or someone unrelated. Finally, you should be able to use MARST and AGE to get the remaining data that’s available in HHDFMX. As a note, these variables use the Census definition of families, which is different from the one employed in IPUMS-created variables such as MOMLOC, POPLOC, and SPLOC.

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