Definition of LABFORCE for Sweden 1880-1910

The harmonization table for LABFORCE does not provide any information on how this variable was coded for the Swedish censuses 1880-1910. Do you have any additional information?
I do not understand the relationship between the LABFORCE variable and the OCSTATUS and OCCHISCO variables and need to know if I should scrap LABFORCE and create something else. Chosing observations using LABFORCE does not make much difference to the values included in the OCSTATUS and OCCHISCO variables.
All the best
/Stefan Öberg

LABFORCE is a dichotomous variable identifying whether a person participated in the labor force. For the Swedish 1880, 1890,1900, and 1910 censuses, membership in the labor force has been defined on the basis of a person’s age and the values in the other HISCO variables. A person has been coded as a member of the labor force if they have an occupation string in OCCSTRNG, are more than 15 years old, have no value in the OCRELATE variable, and do not have the values 40, 51 or 52 in the OCSTATUS variable.

This and other variable documentation for the Swedish censuses is available in the other source documents column on the enumeration materials page.