Death of age and cause of death?

I am collecting data on the age and cause of death of Burkina Faso and Mozambique cencus, but I could not find these info in any variable forms. I have checked the similar question with this link: How can I access data of deaths categorized by sex, age and cause of death and births by age group of the mother?, but it seems none of these two countries have cause and age variables in the forms given under this link. Can someone please help me?

As alluded to in the answer you’ve linked, files with data relating to mortality are available here, for Burkina Faso (1996) and Mozambique (2007). Mortality statistics based on age groups need to be calculated using your preferred statistical software. Outside of these resources, I’m not sure where else you can find such information. The IPUMS DHS project includes some information on “illness before death”, but these variables are not available in Burkina Faso or Mozambique.

I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. Best of luck with your research.