CPS Job Tenure/Occupational Mobility supplement 2020

Dear all,

I wonder whether the Job Tenure supplement has been delayed or is expected soon. It is listed as being released in January of even years, but I don’t see anything yet (neither in IPUMS, nor BLS/NBER).


To our knowledge, the Job Tenure supplement was not fielded in 2020 (though the Displaced Worker supplement was). Microdata for the Displaced Worker supplement will likely not be released until later this year or even next year.

I wanted to follow up and note that we are receiving conflicting information, but the BLS has a job tenure supplement release listed on its schedule for September, implying that the supplement actually was fielded this year. Keep an eye out for these data (or updates about when to expect them) this fall.

Great, thanks a lot Kari, I will keep an eye out for it.