CPS ASEC Longitudinal Weights for 2020-2021 cohort

Hi there,

I’m trying to compare the cohort in the 2019-2020 ASEC panel to the cohort in the 2020-2021 ASEC panel. However, there appears to only be 1-year longitudinal weights (lnkfw1ywt) for the 2019-2020 panel. Using the longitudinal data, everyone whose “year_2 == 2021” has missing lnkfw1ywt_1 & _2.

Any suggestions about alternative weighting strategies or insight on when the 2020-21 weights will come out?

-Callie Freitag

LNKFW1YWT is “a longitudinal weight for linking the same month across adjacent years of the CPS.” Therefore, the 2020 1-year longitudinal weights can be used to weigh and link the 2020 ASEC to the 2021 ASEC since they are the same month across adjacent years. Analogously, the 2019 LNKFW1YWT weights can be used to weigh the 2019-20 panel.

The universe for LNKFW1YWT is “those individuals who are eligible to link to the next year”, therefore the 2021 weights would not be helpful for your purpose because they would only be available for those who link to 2022.