County-Year income per capita 2000-2020

I am interested in creating a dataset at the county-year level of income per capita in all the US in the years 2000-2020. When I try to enter this criteria to the data generator I do not recieve any available time series variables. How, then, could I generate this dataset in the best way?

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The currently available per capita income time series covers the years 2000, 2008-2012, and 2015-2019. I recommend selecting County under Geographic Levels and Per Capita Income under Topics while leaving Years blank. There is a time series tab where you will find it. The aggregated 5-year data (2008-2012 and 2015-2019) combines five years of ACS estimates of the average per capita income for the previous 12 months. That means the 2008-2012 data will be centered around the start of 2010 and the 2015-2019 series on 2017. Alternatively, you can get estimates for individual years to construct your own time series going from 2010-2019 through source tables using 1-year ACS estimates. There are no 1-year ACS estimates between 2005-2009, so you would still need to use either the 5- or 3-year tables that are provided. IPUMS NHGIS has no estimates for the years 2001-2004.

Thank you very much for your reply, it is very helpful.