Construction of INCWAGE in the CPS

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I am working on the March CPS 2006 onwards. I am particularly interested in INCWAGE.

I can not put my hand on how INCWAGE is built in the CPS. I remember reading that INCWAGE in the CPS was computed from weekly wages*number of weeks worked, but I am unsure now.

Any help or reference welcome!



INCWAGE is derived from variables included in the ASEC sample, which uses the previous year as the reference period. The Description Tab has some additional information on how INCWAGE is constructed: OINCWAGE is always a component of INCWAGE. When SRCEARN indicates that INCLONGJ is earned from wage and/or salary, INCLONGJ is also added to INCWAGE.

I hope this is helpful.

Dear Jeff,

Thank you very much for your answer! It is becoming a bit clearer to me, but I am still looking for the questions corresponding to OINCWAGE and INCLONGJ in the questionnaire of the 2015 ASEC. I am interested in the actual questions that leads to the computation of INCWAGE. If you have any info or reference, I’ll take them!

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In the document you’ve sourced I think that OINCWAGE refers to WAGEOTR, INCLONGJ referes to ERN_YN, and SRCEARN refers to ERN_SRCE.

I hope this helps.