Considering only young graduates (entry onto the job market)

Good morning,

I am looking to study flows to/from unemployment.

I would like to focus exclusively on people who graduated (be it from middle school, high school or college) within the last 8 years. I cannot find a way to determine the year in which people graduated from school/college. As far as I can tell, the variable “schlcoll” can only tell us the current status of the individual (and from there, I could determine if it has changed value over the past surveys).

Is there a way to narrow down the sample to include only individuals who finished their highest degree of schooling within the last 8 years?

Many thanks in advance for any help you could provide.



Unfortunately, there is not a variable that directly reports the year in which a CPS respondent graduated. In order to identify “young graduates”, you might consider using a standard age of graduation for each grade level and comparing respondents’ current age to that graduation age.

Hope this helps.