CITYPOP variable not working?

I’m trying to look at marital status by race among those who live in a city with a population between 5,000 and 25,000. So, I tried using the SDA system and setting it to the following:

Row: marst
Column: race(1); race(2)
Selection filter: citypop(50-250)

However, it gives an error message: No valid cases: row var=marst, column var=race, weight var=perwt, filter(s)=citypop(50-250)

I even tried a selection filter of citypop(r:50-250), but it gives the error message: Syntax error in filter specification: “citypop(r:50-250)”.

This is strange. What am I doing wrong?

The issue you are encountering is a function of the universe for CITYPOP; the variable is only available for households and group quarters in identifiable cities. The CITY comparability tab notes that, for 1990-forward, the codes for this variable are inferred based on the public use microdata area (PUMA), which is the smallest geographical unit available in the public use ACS microdata and designed to contain 100,000 residents. PUMAs are sometimes coterminous with city boundaries, but they also frequently encompass multiple cities and occasionally straddle city boundaries. Therefore, for most cities, particularly smaller cities but even for some very large cities, it is impossible to identify the exact set of corresponding records in the public use microdata sample.