Categories of the unharmonized job search variable "uh_lkm1_b1"

I have two questions regarding those LK (Looking For Work) variables.

  1. Does the category “nothing” count as a passive job search?
  2. Category 12 is “other passive” and category 13 is “nothing” in the questionnaire. Meanwhile, in the data I downloaded from IPUMS, the order is flipped - category 12 is “nothing” and category 13 is “other passive”. Is this on purpose or an error?

Thanks for pointing this out. This issue is the result of a discrepancy in the codes for these categories between the layout file and the questionnaire; IPUMS CPS prioritizes the information in the layout file. However, we contacted the Census Bureau about the discrepancy and they have indicated the information in the questionnaire is correct and confirmed the two were erroneously switched in the microdata. The IPUMS CPS team is working to correct our data so that a code of 12 corresponds to “other passive” and 13 corresponds to “nothing”.