Can IPUMS provide 2008 and 1998 Malawi census data up to enumeration area level?

The geographical variables for the households in Malawi Census data have been provided only for level 1 (district) and level 2(Traditional authority). Can IPUMS also provide for level 3 (Enumeration areas) for Malawi?

At this time, IPUMS geographic information is performed on first- and second-level administrative units (that is Level 1 and Level 2). You can find some more detailed information about the geographic harmonization process here. Note that we do have a variable available for Malawi which indicates the major administrative unit in which the household was enumerated or surveyed, DHS_IPUMSI_MW. However, I’m not sure if this is the level you are looking for.

Enumeration Areas (EAs) are the third administrative level of geography (or 4th level if you consider regions as the primary level of geography) for Malawi with population of several units less than 100 persons. IPUMS International distributes integrated microdata by agreement of collaborating National Statistical Offices under the strictest of confidence. Limiting geographic detail is one of the primary means statistical offices employ to ensure confidentiality. If administrative units have less than 20,000 populations, they are grouped until they exceed that threshold. None of the EAs meet the confidentiality treshold as specified by the statistical offices and are hence supressed. More details on IPUMS International geography can be found here in the Geographic Harmonization Process section.