Can HRHHID be used to link ASEC and Monthly CPS in 1976-1989?

I’m attempting to link ASECS to Monthly CPS for 1976-1989 (i.e. years for which MARBASECIDH is not currently available).

HRHHID is currently available for these years, for both ASEC and monthly CPS. Is it valid to link households using this variable?

At first glance, there seems to be a problem. When I identify household members using HRHHIDs, many ASEC and monthly households have different numbers of members. E.g. for 1976, only 64% of households have the same number of members. (I.e. taking the HHRIDs that are availble in BOTH ASEC and monthly records, 64% yield households with the same number of members).

I’d appreciated any thoughts on this.


To answer my own question: I forgot that the ASEC includes individuals of all ages, while the monthly includes age >= 14. After correcting for age, ~ 99% match.