Average Hours for Specific Occupations


I’m trying to find the average hours that people work for specific occupations. I.e. I might want to know what hours marketing managers, or economists, etc, usually work.

Does anyone have any advice on how I might go about that? I don’t understand how to use this database very well, but I’ve seen it done before.

You can find this information for the US using data from IPUMS CPS or IPUMS USA. The relevant variables for usual hours are UHRSWORK (USA), and UHRSWORKT, UHRSWORK1, and UHRSWORK2 (CPS; all can be found here). The most relevant variables for occupation are OCC (CPS / USA) or OCC2010 (CPS / USA).

You should be able to make these calculations pretty easily using the IPUMS Online Data Analysis System, available for both CPS and USA. You would use the Comparison of Means program with OCC or OCC2010 as the row variable and UHRSWORK (etc.) as the dependent variable. This can produce both means and medians.

It worked, thanks!