ATUS "who" question


I’m using the ATUS relatew (“who”) variable for a project. The questionnaire text given is “Who was with you? / Who accompanied you?”

The current BLS report (linked below) says that respondents are asked who was “in the room” with them when they’re at home and who “accompanied” them when they’re not at home. Do you know whether or not this is a hard-and-fast rule? For example, if someone is at work (after 2010), are they asked, “Who accompanied you?”

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BLS report referenced:

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I don’t believe this is a strict rule. This sharp dichotomy is not mentioned in the ATUS User’s Manual (e.g. Page 51), which I would prioritize over the data release summary that you linked to. I think the interviewer used the most appropriate language for the activity and location. If you need confirmation of this I suggest contacting the ATUS staff directly:

Thank you, Matthew!

Hi Jenna - I actually have this exact same question, what are the chances! Did you manage to reach out to the ATUS staff directly, by any chance? I was wondering if you would be able to share what you heard, if you did.