Attach characteristics 2019-22 NHIS

Hi all,

I am trying to use NHIS data from 2019-22 and analyze multiple chronic conditions at the family level. I tried using the “attach characteristics” option when downloading the data extract to look at if mom/dad had common chronic conditions (hypertension, etc). However, when I open the data file all of the attachment characteristics are listed as missing.

Is there something special about the 2019-22 data or a different way I should download it? Additionally, if I want to analyze only families with children is there an easy way to pick out this sample, as it also seems the 2019-22 files are missing the “RELATE” variable.

Thanks for your help in advance!

The ‘attach characteristics’ feature is not available for NHIS samples after 2018 because of a survey redesign (see this IPUMS note). In samples from 2018 and earlier, households are randomly sampled to participate in the NHIS. Questions are asked of or about each household member. In samples from 2019 onward, only basic demographic information on household members is collected with one sample adult and one sample child in each sampled household randomly selected to complete the rest of the survey. The sample adult and child do not necessarily need to be part of the same family. As a result, the family interrelationship variables that the attach characteristics feature is based on, including RELATE, are no longer possible for IPUMS to create. It is still possible to identify parental links in cases where the sample child is the sample adult’s child using the variable ISPARENTSC. More information about the redesign is available from the NCHS.