ASEC person to family to household identifiers with the same year


I am trying to correctly match person records to family and household records within the the same year using the ASEC, and i am having trouble verifying what the correct match variables are. If I have three tables with the person, family and household records respectively, should i use the variables like HHPOS and FFPOS, or do is use HH_SEQ and FH_SEQ, or is there another set of variables that should be used?

I am a little unsure about what you are trying to do, so please correct me if I am misunderstanding your question. It sounds like you are looking to match person-level variables with household-level variables within the same ASEC sample. If this is the case, the IPUMS data extract system will do this automatically. If you include both person and household variables in your data extract, then every individual in your sample will have their person-level variable values and household-level variables will be the same for every person within the same household.