Are persons organized into households in the 2017 Census of Chile?

Usually, in IPUMS International, if persons are not organized into households in a census, this information is given in a note. There is no such note for the 2017 Census of Chile. However, when preparing an extract, it is not possible to attach the characteristics of other members of the household, and the “LOC” variables are not available. Is this census organized into households? If so, how can on access the variables of the other members of the household? One more question: in this census, I can’t find information on the marital status, except in the “relation to the head of the household”. Am I missing something?

As you note, the 2017 Chile data do not identify marital status. The attach characteristics feature in IPUMS relies on the family interrelationship variables we construct, based on household members’ information, including marital status and age. IPUMS was unable to construct family interrelationship variables from the 2017 Chile data. The linking methods used by IPUMS International to link family members to each other require information on marital status from the original data. As a result, the family pointer variables that assign parents to children and spouses to each other are not available in that sample. See this table for details on which family interrelationship variables are present in all IPUMS International samples.