Are INCSS and INCSSI Topcoded Values Swapped in ASEC 2011-?

Reviewing the IPUMS Income Topcode Table, I have noticed that for the variables INCSS and INCSSI there appears to be no registered topcode for the ASEC 2011 and beyond.

In the ‘All Income Components Topcode by Year’ section, both INCSS and INCSSI have entries up through the 2003-2010 column. However, later tables on the Topcode Income Table page, from ASEC 2011 forward, the point at which the CPS moves to swap matching to replace topcoded values, the variable is not mentioned. This would lead me to believe that INCSS and INCSSI do not have their topcoded values swapped; however, I am not sure even if the variables have been assigned a topcode as the variables are not mentioned anywhere else on the page.

  1. Do INCSS and INCSSI have topcodes after 2010?
  2. If so, what are they and are they swap matched like other income component variables?
  3. If they are swap matched, what is the value threshold after which the income is swapped?

This is a good question. Looking through the ASEC codebooks for post-2010 samples, I do not see INCSSI or INCSS listed in the “rank proximity swap” tables. This implies that these variables are not topcoded in post-2010 ASEC samples. You can inspect the ASEC codebooks for each year on this page.

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Excellent - thanks for clarifying this, Jeff.