Are 1999 and 2009 Kyrgyzstan Population Censuses representative at the district (rayon) level using PERWT? Thanks

1999 and 2009 Kyrgyzstan Population Censuses

PERWT person sample weight

Yes, these samples are representative of the population at every identifiable geographic level when the appropriate weights are applied. More information about these samples is available here.

Both samples of the Kyrgyz Republic are drawn to IPUMS specifications, first every fifth household after a random start then, to protect statistical confidentiality, a subsample of every other household is drawn to produce a 10% sample. This systematic sample design has important analytical advantages, as explained in the link below, but it has disadvantages for producing counts. For population, household or dwelling counts at the district level, the best source is the official published results. When relying on IPUMS samples, the greater the precision needed, the more attention should be paid to various methods of variance estimation, as explained in the Cleveland et al paper cited by the link below.