Any News on Pseudo-Strata for IPUMS-International?


Hi, is there an expected date for the IPUMS-International samples to contain an MPC-constructed pseudo-cluster/strata variables like the ones in the IPUMS-USA documented in this paper? This IPUMS page speaks about the variable in the future tense…

“We are also developing a new variable that will help users account for the effects of stratification on sample variance.”

…however, the IPUMS working paper that displays the pseudo-strata alongside SRS and subsample replication came out way back in 2011.

If it’s already released, my apologies for missing it in the variable finder.

Does IPUMS still intend to release constructed CLUSTER and STRATA variables to be used for TSL variance estimation across all IPUMS-International Samples? And if so, do you have an expected date of release?

Thanks for the awesome website!



The pseudo-strata variables are currently being worked on but the IPUMS-International project team.The variables should be released by the end of the summer.Thank you for your interest and hopefully this helps.