ACS 2010 Hispanic and NonHispanic population data is inconsistent with other years. Why?

simple person weighted US population from the 1-year ACS data

year-to-year population changes

Hispanic vs NonHispanic

07-08 1,443,880 994,689

08-09 1,525,668 1,421,160

09-10 2,381,426 (38,293)

10-11 1,197,588 1,044,642

11-12 1,005,325 1,316,796

You’d have to explain:

  1. what you were expecting,

  2. where you see the inconsistencies,

  3. show the code you used to produce the listing above.

Optionally, that listing (which is difficult to read) be better converted to a table.

Sorry for a non-answer.

I’m not certain what variable you are using to calculate these numbers, so it is a bit difficult to troubleshoot exactly what is going on here. I just performed a check using the variable HISPAN and I’m not able to replicate the numbers you’ve reported above. Additionally, the Hispanic vs. Non-Hispanic population estimates seem relatively consistent over time. Let us know if you continue to think there is an error in the data.