"Access to this API has been disallowed"

Greetings, all. I am trying to work through some of the sample workflows on the IPUMS site, and continue to run into issues.

I am running RStudio 2022.02.3 (Build 492) with R 4.2.1 (64 bit). I’m running the code, so far as I can tell, verbatim from the workflow page. Each time I run it, I receive an error that “Access to this API has been disallowed”. Seems like this may be an easy fix, but I can’t seem to figure out what that fix is. Thanks in advance!


Does it work if you change the URL to be just api.ipums.org instead of demo.api.ipums.org? I believe that sample code is outdated and needs to be updated - thanks for bringing it to our attention and sorry for the inconvenience!

Ha. It sure does. Thanks, @fran!

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