2017 Poverty using the 2018 ASEC

I’m trying to replicate the IPUMS results for official poverty in 2017 (ASEC survey year 2018) from Table 1 here.

I’m interpreting the table to be saying that using OFFPOV should yield a poverty rate of 12.3%.

Yet in Stata, if I restrict the universe to OFFPOVUNIV = 1 and weight by ASECWT, I get a poverty rate of 12.7% using this command:

tabulate offpov if offpovuniv == 1 [iw=asecwt]

Am I omitting a crucial filter here?

Hmm. I am not entirely sure what is causing the discrepancy you note here. I just downloaded the 2018 ASEC sample and ran the same command you show above. I find that 12.3 percent of the sample is “below the poverty line”. Perhaps something is happening between your download and when you run this command that is causing the discrepancy.