2016 Census population by race, sex, Hispanic origin, single year of age.


Summary Description of Request (include vintage and years needed) : Vintage 2016 and monthly estimates are needed for Jan 2016 - Dec 2016.

Level(s) of geography : United States*, States, District of Columbia, Las Angeles County, CA, Balance of CA, New York City**, Balance of NY

Demographic characteristics (please be specific about age groups and how to define race/Hispanic origin groups as needed): 6 race groups (5 race alone groups and two or more races), sex, Hispanic origin, and single year of age (0-84, 85+).

Additional Comments :

*United States as a whole if it does not slow down the delivery of the file.

**New York City comprised of the following five counties: New York County, King County, Bronx County, Richmond County, and Queens County.



IPUMS does not typically provide customized datasets upon request. Rather IPUMS provides an online data extract system that allows users to customize and download data themselves. From the sounds of it, you may be interested in using data via IPUMS USA (which includes the US Census and American Community Survey) or IPUMS CPS (which includes the Current Population Survey).

A couple notes about your request: First, if you want monthly data, you’ll need to use IPUMS CPS. The US Census and ACS only provide annual data. Second, while US states are identifiable in modern samples, the CPS data is only able to identify about 45% of households within US counties. This is due to confidentiality restrictions. Finally, while the CPS does include some demographic variables, the demographic information is not as rich as in the US Census/ACS data.

We also have training material and online tutorials that may be helpful.

I hope this is helpful.