2010 - 2020 Tract Geographic Crosswalk?

First, I just want to confirm: are you working with some 2010 data that isn’t available for units smaller than tracts? Most commonly used tract-level tables are also available for blocks in 2010 census data or for block groups in ACS summary data. If the data you’re trying to analyze are available for these smaller units, then you don’t need a tract-to-tract crosswalk, and as explained on our crosswalk page, you can produce more accurate data by getting 2010 data for the smaller units and using our crosswalks for those units to generate 2010 data for 2020 tracts.

Second, if you don’t have 2010 data for any units smaller than tracts, then you can use the method described in Taylor Lampe’s initial post here to generate a tract-to-tract crosswalk. You’d need to follow all of the steps they described, and that would produce only weights for a tract-to-tract crosswalk, not actual final estimates of 2010 data for 2020 tracts. To generate 2010 estimates for 2020 tracts, you’d still need to apply the weights produced by Taylor’s method to the 2010 tract data, and then sum for each 2020 tract. Alternatively, you could follow the instructions I described in this post, which describes how to use block-to-block crosswalks to generate data for block groups. Those instructions apply the same to tracts if you just replace “block group” with “tract”.

If that’s still not producing results you’d expect, please share more detailed info about the steps you’re taking along with some results. That would help me understand what’s not working.