1990 1% metro sample and 2000 1% sample

Hi. I am planning to use the 1990 1% sample, but I found that the name is “1990 1% metro sample”. Would it be okay if I combine this sample with “2000 1% sample”? Or is this “1990 1% metro sample” different from other census years’ 1% sample?

Which sample you use depends on the scale of your analysis. The 1990 samples use a combination of state and metropolitan area to identify areas smaller than 100,000 population, however, the 1990 1% metro sample suppresses state information and the 1990 1% state sample suppresses metropolitan area information (i.e. if your analysis is at the state level, you may want to use the state-level sample, and vice versa). Both samples can be used in combination with the 2000 1% sample. See the sample description page for more detailed information about these samples.