1970 Neighborhood identifier?


I’m hoping to use the 1970 Form 1 and Form 2 neighborhood samples for an analysis to see how a shock to one household in a neighborhood affects other households in that same neighborhood. The sample documentation states that both Form 1 and 2 samples “contain cases from each of the 42,950 neighborhoods (about 17 households per neighborhood from each sample).” However, is there some variable that tells you which of these ~17 households are in the same neighborhood?

Thank you,


Hi Jacob,

NSERIAL is used to identify households residing in the same neighborhood in the 1970 neighborhood samples. Identical NSERIAL values across these two samples refer to the same neighborhoods, though each sample consists of different respondent households. This variable is grouped together with other 1970 neighborhood variables in the extract system. Hope that answers your question!

Thank you Ivan, that is exactly the info I was looking for!