1970-1980 Place boundary files

Dear NHGIS team, I seem to remember that you were working on creating GIS boundary files for 1970 places. Is that correct? If so is there a timeline available. Alternatively, will the forthcoming 1970 block geography have the ID to aggregate to Place level?

A side note on 1980 boundaries. Your interactive map viewer appears to show 2010 boundaries for the 1980 decade.

Many thanks!

As you may know, NHGIS provides 1970 place point files, but at this time, we have no plans to create boundary files for 1970 places. We still plan to add 1970 block boundaries at some point, but we can only provide those for areas where 1970 blocks were defined, which excludes most smaller places.

I also don’t know yet if we’ll include any place IDs in the 1970 block data. I imagine those could be very useful, but it’s unfortunately not as simple as in later years. Before 1990, census blocks did not necessarily nest within place boundaries. Where a block straddles a place boundary, we wouldn’t be able to identify a single corresponding place, and it wouldn’t be possible to generate place data by simply aggregating block data.

Thanks for alerting us about the incorrect 1980 block boundaries in the interactive map. We hope to correct that soon!

“Before 1990, census blocks did not necessarily nest within place boundaries.” Very good to know!

Thank you for the comprehensive and prompt answer.