1870 census Chinese pop of San Francisco and Los Angeles


I am attempting to compare the Chinese population of San Francisco to Los Angeles for 1870. When I enter geographic variable CITY I can only locate San Francisco data in my extract. Is there a geographic variable other than CITY that would allow for this specific comparison and why is it that Los Angeles is not showing up?




The CITY variable is not able to identify every city in every sample. The comparability tab discusses the factors that lead to which cities are identifiable in specific samples. In 1870, the city of residence is given for households in any city with 10,000+ inhabitants.

As far as alternatives to achieve your objective, I’d suggest looking into the COUNTYICP variable. The geographic definition of a county is a bit different than a city, but in the 1870 samples both Los Angeles County (COUNTYICP==0370) and San Francisco County (COUNTYICP==0750) are identifiable

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