Trouble decompressing file

I am having trouble unzipping my data extract. I downloaded CPS data over several years. When I try decompressing the file in both Mac and Windows, I get an “unexpected end of file” error. Any idea about why this might be? Could the file be too large? Thank you.

IPUMS is looking into an issue on our end that seems to be producing faulty gzip files. I will let you know when we have learned more about the issue and resolved it.

Our IT group has identified the issue and implemented a fix for this problem. You should be able to simply re-download your requested data file; you do NOT need to resubmit your extract. Please let us know if you experience any further issues.

Hi Alan, Kari,

I hope you’re both well in health and spirit these days.

I’m seeing the same issue with ACS extracts. I’ve tried a number of times, even with minimal files of just a handful of variables and get the “unexpected end of file” error too. I’ve tried decompressing under both Windows and Linux.

Alan: did you find this resolved on your end?

Kari: could this stilll be an issue for the ACS extracts?

Thanks so much for your help!

I was trying to download the compressed data to a remote server that I’m accessing from my Windows machine via samba. This thread describes the problem:

Once I downloaded directly to my windows machine I didn’t have a problem.

Apologies for any time spent addressing this. Many thanks, Dave

Hi Kari,
Is there a chance that this error cropped back up again? I have tried downloading my .dat file a couple of times and every time I try to unpack it I get Error 79 on my mac. I also tried unpacking it in the terminal and was unsuccessful there as well. It’s a small extract, so I don’t think it’s a file size issue. Just trying to figure out what end this problem is originating from!
Thank you,

I was unable to replicate this issue with your data extract. I was able to decompress the file and read it into Stata. If you are still not able to decompress the files, please email so we can provide more targeted help.

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