Occupation label in original language

Where can I get the original Indonesian term corresponding to the English term used in isco68a in Indonesia 2005 data?

We received the occupation data for the 2005 Indonesian sample coded to the ISCO1968 standard. However, the 1982 Indonesian Classification of Occupation (Klasifikasi Jabatan Indonesia (KJI) 1982) corresponds to the ISCO1968 standard. If you are able to track down the full KJI 1982 you should be able to obtain the Indonesian occupation titles.

Also, just for your reference, here are links to the enumeration instructions and the original questionnaire for the 2005 Indonesian sample.

Thank you for your answer. However, I could not find online the Klasifikasi Jabatan Indonesia (KJI) 1982.

So, the translation was made not by your side but by the bps Indonesia, and bps sent you the English version, am I correct?

Correct. We received it pre-coded to the ISCO1968 standard. You can try contacting the Indonesian statistical office, Statistics Indonesia.