OCCSOC and INDNAICS not available

Why are OCCSOC and INDNAICS not available in the 2018 sample? I am surprised by this because I thought that SOC and NAICS were the standard classification systems for occupations and industries. How can I crosswalk the 2018 data to these classification systems?

The 2018 ACS data use updated coding systems for industry (NAICS) and occupation (SOC); these changes have consequences for a number of harmonized occupation variables available through IPUMS (including OCCSOC). These harmonized measures require exploring and addressing how the new NAICS and SOC codes used in the 2018 ACS data relate to the previous schemas used in recent years. You can find more information (including a crosswalks between the 2018 and previous systems) from the Census Bureau’s Industry and Occupation page. While harmonized industry and occupation variables are popular among IPUMS users, addressing changes to the coding systems used to create them are time-intensive and we were unwilling to hold up the release of the remainder of the data to include this. Our IPUMS USA team is working on this currently; check back later this year for these variables. While INDNAICS doesn’t require harmonization, it was not released with the initial IPUMS release of the 2018 5-year ACS; however, it should be available in a few weeks.