NJ township - is ACS data available through NHGIS?

Trying to find race/sex/age specific population estimates for all municipalities in New Jersey, but notice that the place geography is missing all (or most) townships, and the New England township level doesn’t include New Jersey. Looking at the 2014-18 ACS NJ file with the county subdivision geography, and don’t see many relatively large NJ townhips. Comparing it to this list of municipalities (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_municipalities_in_New_Jersey), it appears that townships are not included in the data, but are available through quickfacts on the Census using ACS. Thoughts on how I can retrieve data on these townships through NHGIS?

Hi Frank,

I just pulled a 2014-2018 extract of Sex by Age (White Alone) and Sex by Age (African American Alone) for two geographic levels - county subdivisions and places. In examining the two data files, I find records for townships (e.g., Bordentown township in Burlington County) in the county subdivision file. The townships are not in the place file. The screen shot shows a few records from the county subdivision data file.

I obtained the county subdivision data by filtering on the 2014-2018 year option and the County Subdivision geographic level. I then added the appropriate tables to my cart.

Is it possible you’re looking at the place file and not the county subdivision file?

–Dave Van Riper

Thanks! I’d failed to set the geographic levels in the pull correctly. Appreciate the catch.