When I use the code 086 to get income data for Miami-Dade county I get a no valid case response, see below. Other FIP (or ICP) codes work fine. Am I using the wrong code for Miami?

No valid cases: row var=countyfip, weight var=perwt, dependent var=hhincome, filter(s)=pernum(1) statefip(12) countyfip(86)

As noted on the description tab for COUNTYFIP, counties are not identified beginning in 1950. IPUMS identifies counties, where possible, from other low-level geographic identifiers. If you look at the list of identified counties linked at the bottom of the COUNTYFIP description, you will see that Miaimi-Dade county is not identifiable after 1990. If you don’t need the underlying microdata and are just interested in HHINCOME for Miami-Dade county you may consider looking at IPUMS NHGIS to see if there is a summary table that is appropriate.

Got it. Thanks for the explanation, Kari

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